New Years Playground 31. December 2018

We will once again do our popular New Years Event this year. The barn is being rebuilt with our famous Rigs for fun and challenges.  But as always there will be surprises with brand new obstacles so we can go into 2019 with a bang

 This year there will be 2 New Year’s Playground so the run will not be too crowded. That’s more space for play.


1) 8 am to 10 am

2) 10am to 12pm

There will be a warmup, before the fun begins.

 So join us, and don’t hesistate taking your family to our event, and start the new year early with REBORN.

When the races is done, we will open a few bottles of bubbles and do a proper new years cheer

New Year Playground Adult: Price per participant

Race 1 or 2

100.00 DKK + fee

Registration fee:

12.49 DKK per participant

New Year Playground Children (below 15): Price per participant

Race 1 or 2

50.00 DKK + fee

Registration fee:

8.74 DKK per participant


Buy your ticket here

100 Dkr


  • Warmup
  • Race 1
  • Race 2
  • Champagne

50 Dkr


  • Warmup
  • Race 1
  • Race 2
  • Soda

Name of the event: New Year Playground
Place: Krogshøj 7, 3550 Slangerup
Date: 31. december 2018
Time: 08.00-13.30 
Parking: Krogshøj 7, 3550 Slangerup, Follow the instructions

Where to find New Year Playground

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