Elite Qualification




Anyone wishing to participate as an elite runner in  Reborn The Pit, Ledreborg or Prison Escape, must apply beforehand.
Once you have purchased your ticket, send an email to elite@reborn.dk to apply to a elite race.
The subject of the mail should be “name of event” and we need the following information 

  • Name
  • Ticket number
  • OCR perfomances or current 5km time

All elite application must be send to Reborn at least 10 days before a race.

You will receive an email the monday before the event with answers if you are participating in the race.

OCR WC 2019 – 
11-13 /9 2019 London/ england

You can qualify by being:

TOP10 Men
TOP10 Women
TOP3 Men (40+)
TOP3 Women (40+)

More info here

OCR WC 2019

OCR EM2019 – 
27-30/6 2019 Poland

You can quality by becoming

TOP10 Men
TOP10 Women
TOP 20 Agegroups

Prison Escape
TOP10 Men
TOP10 Women

 More info here

OCR EC 2019